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Home learning 08.10.20

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A visit from Pearl the school rabbit

Battle stations!


This afternoon we tried to imagine what life might be like as a Roman soldier. We watched a video to see what the soldiers at Vindolanda fort at Hadrians Wall thought of life in northern England. They enjoyed receiving packages from home and particularly appreciated socks and even underpants! They were not keen on the cole weather, with most being used to life in a warmer climate elsewhere in the Roman Empire. After 25 years in the Roman army soldiers were discharged with a lump sum of money with which they could finally retire and return home to find a wife and have a family.  It was a hard life where you had to be strong and fit to march the many miles covered and build the forts and battle across the empire. We looked at the tactics of the Roman army in battle and used our shields to practice some of the favourite formations of the army, the Orb, the Tortoise, the Repel-Cavalry and the Wedge.  

Our battle pictures

Our Roman shields

In Oak class we've spent the afternoon getting ready for battle with our Roman shields. We have learned about what it took to become a Roman soldier and watched a video all about what the soldiers thought of being in Britain helping to extend the Roman Empire. The soldiers wrote 'postcards' to home scratched out on thin strips of wood and the ones that have been found by archaeologists at Vindalanda, the site of a fort near Hadrian's wall, tell us about their daily lives. They found the freezing cold weather unbearable, and even had parcels of socks and underpants sent to them by relatives back home! Next week we will study battle formations before meeting up with Elm class to march forth in battle.