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Years 4 & 5 Elm

Year 4 Multiplication Check - information for parents

Practising your times tables

You can use the links below to practise the times tables we have been rehearsing in class. 


Science Week: Light and Colour Shadow Theatre

26.05.22 Jubilee Celebration Day

Today we celebrated the Platinum Jubilee with a day of outdoor learning and a whole school picnic on the field. We started the day making nature portraits of the Queen. The groups worked together brilliantly and there were plenty of creative ideas about how to create the facial features and especially the crown! All the portraits were amazing and the children took such care over them. At lunchtime we gathered for our picnic, singing the National Anthem before sitting down to eat in our wonderful crowns. After lunch we did tree posters, picking a tree in the grounds, identifying it, drawing it, taking rubbings of the leaves and trunks before measuring the height and finding out the approximate age of the trees. The oldest of the trees we focussed on was 80 years old and the tallest was estimated to be 75m! Please see our photos below which show some of our activities. 


26.05.22 Jubilee Day outdoor learning and picnic

Wednesday 4th May

In our Science lesson today we were exploring the question: Which type of shoe sole creates the largest force of friction when sliding over a surface? We investigated 5 different types of shoe and measured the force needed to push the shoe along the surface with a Newton meter.

Thursday 28th April 2022

As part of our RE lesson about the Eucharist we talked about the things we are thankful for, since the Eucharist is a way that Christians sometimes give thanks during worship. The children came up with these thoughtful ideas. 

Me and My River

Following our visit to the river Mimram before half term we came up with a collage response which we are entering into a little competition called Me and My River. This will be judged by Tarmac, the company who own and maintain Panshanger Park, and the winners will receive a book token. Also, some of our artwork will go on display at the Tarmac conference later this year! How exciting!

Outdoor learning day 08.11.21

We had a lovely morning in the woods over at Panshanger Park to start our day. When we came back to school we spent the afternoon planting our violas in our plant pots which we have been decorating with 'roses and castles' canalware inspired designs. We also made Viking longships out of tin foil and floated them in the tough tubs. With multilink cubes standing in for 'Vikings' we decided to see how many Vikings our boats would hold, with hilarious (and in some cases very wet!) results. I think the children all enjoyed their day in the great outdoors!

Science with skittles! 01.11.21

This afternoon we had fun doing a science experiment with skittles. We wanted to find out whether different factors affected the way that skittles dissolved. The children chose whether to find out if the colour of the skittle, the temperature of the water, the amount of the water, or whether adding sugar to the water would affect it. We discovered that the hotter the water, the faster the skittle dissolved. However, the colour of the skittle did not seem to make much difference to the speed at which the skittle dissolved. As the children had resisted eating the skittles so brilliantly all afternoon they took one home each at the end of the day to eat. Yum!

A yummy experiment!

Our trip to the River Mimram

To fit in with our current Geography topic of Rivers, Elm and Oak class went on a trip down to Panshanger Park to find out more about the River Mimram, one of the four rivers that run through Hertford. We met with Jo Whitaker, a People and Wildlife Officer from the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, who told us more about the river. The River Mimram is a chalk river, a type of river that is very rare in the world. However, we are very lucky as most of the world's chalk rivers are located here in Hertfordshire! Jo led each class in a river dipping activity whilst the other class did a big bug hunt to see what kinds of creatures lived around the riverside area. It was quite a walk down and back but everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. We got back to school in time for lunch and had a picnic outside. Next week we are looking forward to making a response to the river for our 'Me and My River' competition. The winning entries will get a prize from Tarmac, the owners of Panshanger, and the children's work will be displayed for the delegates at the Tarmac conference later in the year! A BIG thank you must go to the parents that volunteered to come along, allowing our trip to take place.

Our trip to the River Mimram