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Year 3+4 - Ash

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Autumn 1 Curriculum Map and Letter

Our trip to plant trees 26.01.2023

Today we went over to Panshanger Park where they are planting a new woodland to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II. There will be 17,000 trees in the new wood, providing vital habitats for woodland creatures and making an attractive new place to walk. 


We we met with Jo Whitaker, the people and wildlife officer, overlooking Osprey Lake in the centre of the park. First we talked about what trees need to grow well and played a game which also helped us to warm up! Then it was time to plant some trees. The species of tree we planted today is Scottish Pine trees. In total we planted 35 trees to add to the wood which already has 10,000 trees in it. The trees were very tiny as they were only saplings so we had to be really careful not to tread on them accidentally as we clomped about in our wellies!


Although it was a cold morning, great fun was had by all the children and we soon warmed up once we began our walk back to school. Some of us were muddier than others! Well done, Ash Class!


Tree planting

A visit from Hertford Museum - 17.01.2023

Scientific skills

Learning about famous scientists

Observing, identifying differences and similarities, classifying

Identifying herbivores, carnivores and omnivores

Today we had a special visit from Hertford museum to provide a workshop all about different kinds of animals. We heard all about Alfred Russel Wallace, a local Victorian pioneer, naturalist and explorer who lived at the house which is now Wallace House doctor’s surgery. He later moved to the house next to St Andrew’s church which is now Ruby Indian restaurant! He attended Richard Hale school which was then called Hertford Grammar School. A contemporary of Charles Darwin, he travelled the world finding out about different species of plants and animals. He made scientific observations which were eventually to become a theory of natural selection, which is the theory which explains why so many different variations of particular plants and animals exist.

We were able to look close up at the animals and birds, and even a mouth full of shark teeth! It was a fantastic opportunity to see creatures which we might never be able to get close to in real life.

A visit from Hertford Museum

Making models of mosques in RE

Snow Day Learning activities 12.12.2022

Bike ability session 25.11.22

World Cup Dance workshop 24.11.22 Mexico

Football with Coach Marco 11.11.22

Remembrance Day ceremony 11.11.22

Museum takeover day 10.11.22

Outdoor Learning Day 04.11.2022

Today we enjoyed a fun day of outdoor learning with plenty of activities based around our theme of Fire and Ice. We began by making bonfire pictures with twig and leaf printing. We then found sticks to make into either a fire character or an ice character using materials and googly eyes.  Some very imaginative outfits were created! In the afternoon elaborate shelters were created for our characters - some including gardens, swimming pools and basements! It was amazing to see the collaborative efforts and detailed conversations that the children had whilst making the shelters. Later in the afternoon the children went round in small groups to observe the fires that the Year 5/6 classes had lit. We ended the day with a "campfire" song and story sharing session. All the children had a lovely time and got extremely muddy and painty - sorry parents! 

Outdoor Learning Day 04.11.2022

Diwali dance workshop 20.10.22

Roman Day 11.10.2022

Week 3 Our daily Times Tables dance!

Before we begin our new book we revisited our knowledge of fairy tales.

Week 2 Our class Safari animal information sheets

Week 1 Amazing Africa by Atinuke