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Easter Fun

With Easter approaching, have an egg/potato and spoon race, preferably outdoors in your garden if possible. Balance your egg/potato carefully and walk/run as fast as you can. (A handy tip would be to hard boil the eggs first.) You could decorate your eggs/potatoes before the race.

Missing Numbers

In a nutshell – Write number sequences on craft sticks and remember to leave some blanks in between. Next, you write the missing numbers on a bunch of clothes pegs. Now you’re ready to let your children use their fine motor skills and clip the pins on sticks. The best thing about this inexpensive early years maths activity is that you only create the props once and they’re ready to be used as many times as you like.

What you need

  • Craft Sticks (colour or plain)
  • Sharpies
  • Clothes Pins
Picture 1

Today’s challenge – a scavenger hunt!


  • Find a range of objects in your garden or on a local walk. Remember social distancing.

You will need

  • Something to carry everything in such as a tub or old washing up bowl.

What to do

  • In your garden or safe outdoor space search for the following:
  • Something old
  • Something wet
  • Something heavy
  • Something shiny
  • Something dry
  • Something quiet
  • Something new
  • Something light
  • Something you would like to keep
  • Something you can blow in the wind
  • Something you have not seen before
  • Something that smells nice
  • Something beautiful
  • Five shades of green


Make something from your finds

With the scavenged items create a sculpture or picture. Can you invent a new species or creature? Or replicate a beautiful landscape you have seen?

Everyday I receive emails from different educational companies offering free resources, which is very generous, however these are aimed at KS1 and KS2 children frown. Today the Cambridge University Press sent out this publication and having looked at it, I think some of our reception children will enjoy doing the activities.

Good luck x

Hi guys,

If we were at school we would be learning about the Easter Story, so this week I will be adding a number of resources and ideas to help you do this at home.

Take care and stay safe x

Hello laugh We hope you are all keeping well and happy. It's been a rather strange week this week, school is not the same without you! We've been thinking of you all. We hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful weather in your garden. Don't forget to be your best and help your parents whenever you can.


Mrs Sampson, Mrs Diggins and Miss Flanders x

Common Exception Words


These are important tricky words to learn and spell for when you are in Year 1.



Try these different counting games!