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Year 6 Rowan

Liddington last morning

Liddington Day 4

A glorious sunny day odyssey and we began the day with fencing. The children began by practising their technique before getting their protective masks on and being let loose with their swords to engage in battle. Next up was the climbing wall, which again was a challenging and somewhat daunting prospect. However, the children bravely climbed up and then descended. In the afternoon we began with Aeroball which was a trampoline based game where teams tried to score a goal by throwing a lightweight ball into the goal/ basket whilst bouncing. Our last activity was the abseiling before finishing in time to catch the first half of the football. The children enjoyed cheering on England with the other school in our corridor before dinner. We are just enjoying the disco, and will then pack our cases ready for our return tomorrow after our morning activities. In the pre-disco photo you will see our wonderful leader Chelsea, a lovely Australian young lady who has guided us smoothly through our week, ensuring we have never missed an activity, that we get to three meals on time with a smile on her face. The children have really enjoyed getting to know her and we adults have fully appreciated her help. We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and will keep you updated on our ETA. 

Liddington Day 4 morning

Liddington Day 4 afternoon

Liddington Day 3

The unusual sight of some clouds greeted us this morning but with more sunshine forecast for later, we set off undaunted after another cooked breakfast to our first activity of the day, Buggy building! With nothing but some barrels, ropes and logs, I must tell you parents that your children created a working vehicle! And learnt a very useful knot to tie things strongly together. They worked fantastically as a team and were rewarded with a ride in their buggy, which only came apart finally once everyone had had a ride. Next up, the Trapeze. Quite sensibly the children are beginning to understand their limits so, when greeted by the sight of a tall pole with a platform to jump off to catch a trapeze, a couple of us (myself included) decided we would just observe the mild peril and listen out for blood-curdling screams instead! Up climbed the brave souls, safely harnessed I must add, until they reached the jumping platform where they bravely launched themselves towards the trapeze. Many managed to catch it and some performed an additional pull up to show their strength! In the afternoon they enjoyed a problem solving activity followed by canoeing on the lovely lake accompanied by some extremely cute ducklings and their mum. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed messing about in boats! Another action packed day is almost at an end and we look forward to more fun tomorrow. Goodnight!

Liddington Day 3 pics

Day 3 afternoon

Welcome to Rowan Class! We hope you enjoy looking at our learning.

Key documents for the Autumn term

Day 2 Liddington

It has been another action-packed day at Liddington and we are all worn out after our activities! We started the day with a delicious cooked breakfast before proceeding to our first activity, Survivor. This was a title that made myself and Mrs Sampson slightly nervous - would we be bringing back less children than we went with possibly? In the end of course we had no need to worry. It was a fun activity with survival as the theme and the children all enjoyed it. This was followed by Vertical Challenge, and lots of the children bravely went to the top, including honorary child Mrs Sampson! After lunch it was the much anticipated Giant Swing. After putting on harnesses the children were hoisted up and dropped, much to their delight! This involved some real bravery, but of course a lower level was on offer for those who did not want to go up too high. Next the Sensory Trail was a real challenge. What is, in the daytime, just an ordinary wood provides multiple challenges when you cannot see anything! After dinner (see photo) we had the evening activity Balloon Splash, which was very engaging and team building. Another lovely day awaits us tomorrow!

Day 2 Liddington

Afternoon Day 2

Day 1 Liddington

After a rather longer journey than anticipated due to heavy traffic on theM4, we arrived safely at Liddington. What a wonderful place! The children settled into their rooms before some outside playtime, then we went over to the canteen for a delicious dinner. There was plenty of choice and an unlimited salad bar too. After dinner it was time for our evening PGL tournament, lifesize Battleships games and frisbee. Mrs Sampson and I had not packed our hard hats which could have been dangerous with the amount of frisbees flying around! We have just arrived back to get ready for bed ready for an action packed day tomorrow. It is beautiful sunny weather and the forecast is good for the week. Fingers crossed it will stay that way!

Day 1 Liddington

SATS information meeting 16.10.2023

Thank you to those that managed to attend our SATs information meeting last night. Apologies to those that had problems with the link. I'm so glad that we are no longer reliant on these online meetings as the technology is always a challenge!


Here is the Powerpoint with all the information that you need, but further information will come out nearer the time.


If you have any questions please let me know - we have Parent Teacher consultations coming up very shortly, where I'm happy to discuss any concerns that you might have too.



Mrs Bond

SATs parents information 2023-24

DT Playgrounds

This half term the children have been really enjoying creating their playgrounds in DT. We designed the playgrounds before using different materials to bring them to life, learning how to reinforce and use different joining methods to make climbing frames, swings, monkey bars and more! We then added landscaping and used cladding to create shelter to finish off our playgrounds.

Our DT playgrounds