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Hello Year 3!

It's Week 2 of your home learning and I hope all of you and your families are well, and you are managing to keep busy and keep a routine going at home. Below I have posted a link to a website called White Rose Maths who are posting free daily activities, just pick the year group and have a go. There are also home Maths lessons from Gareth at I See Maths here is the link to that too:


For an English task idea, I saw a great letter that someone had written to Joe Wicks thanking him for all the free PE activities he is putting up online. Why not use that idea and write to someone that you admire? It could be your favourite author, someone currently doing a frontline job at the NHS like a nurse or doctor, a superhero from a film you've seen, a YouTuber or gaming company whose games you enjoy watching online, or even just your parent or carer or someone in your family that you really admire!


Start with 'Dear XXXX' and then on the next line start telling them why you've written to them. If it is someone famous, why not get your parent or carer to take a photo of it and see if they can send it to them on social media? That's how Joe Wicks saw this lovely letter from a fan. Have a read of it to inspire you first.

Take care - and remember to keep washing your hands!

Mrs Bond x

Joe Wicks example letter

Hello Year 3!


It's Thursday today and I will be in school tomorrow. Meantime in addition to the many activities that have been suggested I have a couple added here to practise some basic skills in English (nouns, verbs and adjectives) and Maths practising the column subtraction we had just started in school. The calculations are on page 3 of the pdf document. If you need a reminder use this video to  help you:

Hope you are all well. I have delivered some bread rolls to Mrs Caruana this morning and she also says hello! 

From Mrs Bond xx

Week commencing Monday 23rd March extra activities

Hello Year 3!

How strange to be writing to you here in my house! I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend. My week is going to be a bit different this week and so is yours! I will be in school on Wednesdays and Thursdays and working from home on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I will try to say hello each day I'm at home to check in with you all.

You are starting your journey learning from home. Try to do at least something each day to keep busy. Your brain is a muscle and just like the other muscles in your body it needs to be exercised! There are lots of suggestions on this page and in your packs to keep you busy. Meanwhile LOTS of teachers have been working hard around the world to set up free lessons and free things for you to access, which you could do alongside your daily English and Maths. I will put links here when I find them. First of all Joe Wicks the fitness guru is doing PE every day on his YouTube channel at 9am LIVE each day. We're going to be doing these in school, so if you do this at 9 you will be doing just the same as us! If you search PE with Joe Wicks in YouTube you will find it. Here is today's link: .  Remember to watch Newsround each day to keep up with what is going on.

On Friday we did some fantastic guided drawing with Art Hub for Kids we drew Pizza Steve a cool character here is the link: so do something each day, there are loads of videos! Can't wait to see what you get up to, and remember you get a merit mark for each piece of learning you do when we get back to school. I wonder how many merit charts you will fill up?!! Take care and stay safe. Keep washing your hands like this:

From Mrs Bond


Common Exception Words


Children must learn to read and spell all of these words by the end of Year 4. At this point in the year children should be able to read and spell all of Year 1 and 2 words and at least half of Year 3 and 4 words.



Try these different counting games!


TT Rockstars


Please let us know if your child cannot remember their log in.