Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

Love Learning. Aim High. Trust God.


Lead Teacher - Mrs Bond


Children will complete a shared class book ‘In My Lifetime’ as they travel up the school. Each year during a theme week they will explore the things that have happened that year in ‘our history’ which they will add to and be able to talk about. Every year the children will explore their own personal chronology through a timeline relating to their own lives so that they can gain a detailed picture of what chronology means. Each unit in our history topics will also include a lesson that covers a timeline relating to that particular period in history. Children will also compare their daily life to the daily life of a person in that time period, so that it relates to their own experience. The ‘BIG QUESTION’ for each topic should be ‘WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR US TODAY?’ – what did that period of history contribute to us today? E.g. Romans – the technologies such as roads that we still use today, or Vikings/Anglo Saxons – words and place names that we use; Greeks – philosophy etc