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Year 1- Hawthorn

Welcome to Hawthorn Class!
We are Year 1 and we look forward to sharing our learning journey with you. 

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Hawthorn Class Snow Day Learning Activities 12.12.2022

Maths - Investigating Part-whole models


Shine, Star,Shine! 

We have spent many many hours rehearsing our Christmas Nativity and put on an amazing performance of Shine, Star, Shine! We saw the big star shine bright enough for everyone to know that Jesus had been born! Our teachers are singing the songs all the time and we hope you enjoyed watching us on stage. It was a bit scary as hardly any of us had been on stage to perform to an audience that big before! 


Making Christmas Decorations...


How to Draw a Snowman

We enjoyed watching the video 'How to draw a snowman' and listened to the instructions carefully. Have a look at our cool snowmen...

Museum Visit

We had great fun exploring the museum trail organised for us by Year 5. Here is a snippet of what we got up to.


We had great fun exploring pentominoes in Maths this week. A pentomino is 5 cubes attached to each other. 

Maths - Investigating Equality

We used cuisenaire rods to investigate equality in number sentences that make 10. We realised that there are lots of different ways to get to 10 and that they are all equal as they have the same answer. For example 6 + 4 = 5 + 5.

Remembrance Day

We collaged poppies to create a wreath to commemorate Remembrance Day. We watched poppies on CBeebies to help us understand why Remembrance Day is so important.

Still Life Drawing

We used our drawing skills to sketch natural objects that you find in Autumn.

We loved our dance workshop...

Science - Animals (including Humans)

We practised labelling parts of the body.

Stanley's Stick

We read Stanley's stick and created our own way to use a stick! We had wands, fishing rods, pencils and more...

Maths - Investigating Ways to Make 10

We have been using tens frames to find ways to make 10. 

Art - Exploring Line

We have been looking at different types of line. Here we used wool to make pictures with lines. 

Wolf Won't Bite

We read fun stories like Wolf Won't Bite by Emily Gravett and practise sequencing the events from beginning to end. Here we are working as a team to sequence Wolf Won't Bite.

Maths Games

We play lots of maths games in the beginning of Year 1 to reactivate our learning from Reception, we have great fun!

Model Making

We love building and constructing in Year 1 with all sorts of materials. 

Oi Frog...

We read Oi Frog! and practised writing labels and captions.