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Years 4 & 5 Oak

'Meet the teacher' information for Autumn 2021

Curriculum maps and class letters

Practising your times tables

You can use the links below to practise the times tables we have been rehearsing in class. 

Trip to the River Mimram

On Tuesday 12th October we visited the River Mimram in Panshanger Park to learn more about this habitat. We were joined by Jo, the Panshanger Park People and Wildlife Officer, who told us that the river was special because it was chalk. We also learnt that chalk rivers are vey rare and the rock helps to clean the water, which is why it looks so clear! 

Wearing our wellington boots, we then waded into the river to take 'kick samples' with a pond dipping net. We carefully carried the nets back to our group and used a key to identify the creatures we collected. We discovered that there were lots of dragon fly and beetle larvae!

After pond dipping, we took magnifying glasses and collection pots and explored the meadow, looking for different minibeasts. 

Thank you to all of the adults who supported and made our trip so much fun!

Make 100 and 1000!

To support our mental addition and subtraction strategies, we looked at different ways to make 100 and 1000. Here are some of our ideas:

UK rivers

We combined our maths and geography skills to make scale models of key UK rivers. The River Severn was the longest at 354km while our local river, the River Beane, was the shortest at only 18km!

Investigating dissolving

In science we have been looking at materials and their properties. To investigate solubility, we took sugar, salt, sand, cake sprinkles, peppercorns and flour and mixed them into water to see if they would dissolve. We discovered that salt and sugar are soluble in water!

Welcome to Oak Class!

The children in Year 4 and 5 applied their design and technology skills to make their own felt. They took different coloured strands of wool, soapy water and layers of bubble wrap to bind the fibres together and create their fabric. Templates of oak leaves were then cut out of black sugar paper and their felt was placed behind this.

Building on this skill, the children applied running or backstitch to decorate the edge of an oak leaf. 

These pieces of work will be proudly displayed in our classroom to welcome visitors!