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Year 5 Willow

Phases of the Moon books

We have combined our science knowledge and cutting and decorating skills in art to create books to show the eight phases of the Moon. Here are a few examples: 

The Easter Story

Year 5 were joined by Reverend Alan and Tracy who shared key events and values from the Easter story through role play and resources. This also helped us to reflect on our 'Incarnation' unit for RE, considering Jesus and his role as the messiah for Christians. 

The Traveller's Guide to the Solar System!

We have been learning about persuasive features in English. After researching a planet in our Solar System, Year 5 wrote persuasive travel leaflets encouraging tourists to visit.

Here are some examples: 

Freestyle Football Skills Workshop

On Friday 19th March Year 5 were joined by Jamie Knight, who presented his amazing football skills to the children.

This opportunity allowed Willow class to demonstrate perseverance and resilience, as they practised 'blind heel' and 'around the world' skills in their breaktime and lunchtime to prepare for their afternoon workshop.

As you can see from the photographs, they were brilliant! Thank you Jamie! 

Orbit investigations

Year 5 investigated orbits, looking to see if there was a pattern between the planet's distance from the Sun and the time it takes for it to complete an orbit.

We attached air balls to string and marked the string at different lengths. We then spun the ball 10 times to see how long it took to complete an orbit.

Here is Maddox's fantastic conclusion to tell you what we discovered:


Fruit Solar System!

We have learnt about the size and distance of the planets in the Solar System by making a model using fruit!

Mercury was represented by a peppercorn, Venus and Earth by cherry tomatoes and Mars a blueberry. Well done to Harrison who classed the first four planets as terrestrial!

The next four planets are gas giants, with Jupiter represented by a watermelon, Saturn by a grapefruit, Uranus by a apple and finally Neptune by an orange.

We are now going to write persuasive leaflets, encouraging tourists to visit these fascinating locations! 

World Book Day Thursday 11th March 2021

Year 5 began by reading Chapter 2 of ‘The Demon Headmaster’ and defining new vocabulary. Next, they made predictions about what would happen in the following chapter.

        The cover of the book was then discussed against a description of the Headmaster and, as a class, Year 5 agreed that the seventh cover was the most effective, while the fourth cover was too “creepy” and “scary” and made them feel “claustrophobic”.

In the afternoon, Willow class created board games inspired by different books or new covers for ‘The Demon Headmaster’ based on the class success criteria.

        Additionally, we enjoyed listening to MC Grammar’s ‘World Book Day’ song and identified rhymes, similes, metaphors and alliteration we liked!

Christmas Tree Decorations:

Year 5 in D&T had a fun afternoon sewing Christmas tree decorations and decorated them with buttons, sequins and ribbon. These will be entered into the Christmas tree competition.  

Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Year 5 acknowledged Anti-Bullying Week this year by wearing odd socks to celebrate difference. In class we completed an anti-bullying quiz, before decorating a jigsaw piece to explain the part we will play in stopping bullying and promoting kindness and respect for all. 

BMX Experience

On Friday 23rd October Year 5 were excited to take part in a special BMX workshop to promote our school values of courage and resilience.

Mike Mullen (6x BMX Halfpipe Champion) taught Year 5 the importance of thinking 'I can', and with this in mind they were able to perform some amazing tricks and stunts on their bikes.

Congratulations to Jayden, Summer and Alfie who then represented Year 5 in the closing trick display.

Remember to keep trying and think positively when you face a challenge!

"The day has taught me I can do it we just have to try" - Summer

"The day taught me to be resilient so now when I face a challenge I won't give up" - Coby



Trip to the River Lee

On Thursday 17th September Year 5 walked to Hartham Common to follow the River Lee. We began at Thornton Street Weir and counted the different types of birds we could spot (there were lots of Mallard ducks!)

We then continued along by the water and allotments, sketching the canal boats. We finished our walk on the bridge over Hertford Basin.

We are now creating 3D maps of this route to share in school. 

What is colour like?

Year 5 have been developing their descriptive language skills by describing colours.

Here are some of their fantastic ideas!


What is the colour red like?

Lava bursting out of the volcano with a lovely crimson red like a shiny ruby - Alfie

It makes me see in my imagination like a massive fire at Paris - Yunus

It smells like the sweetness of a strawberry and the steam of a campfire - Harrison

It sounds like a crimson ruby so bright it can blind you with delight - Maddox

If you eat something spicy your mouth will feel like you are going to breathe out fire - Summer

It tastes like a vermilion strawberry exploding into pieces - Ellis

It looks like a volcano erupting angrily - Lennon

It looks like fire crying and blowing - Jayden


What is the colour purple like?

It looks like loads of amethysts with glitter all over them - Olivia


What is the colour pink like?

Pink smells like a million roses swaying in the wind - Abigail


What is the colour green like?

It looks like a gigantic green tree swaying from side to side in the raging storm - Coby


What is the colour blue like?

It looks like neon blue lights flashing at a midnight disco party - Isabelle 

Aquamarine blue sounds like a calm sea with waves that are peacefully crashing onto the sand - Ayda

It reminds me of a sapphire blue sea - Noah

At night you can see a comet like a diamond falling in a blue shiny ocean - Leon 



'I am the greatest!'

Year 5 have been reviewing their knowledge of place value with the game 'I am the greatest!' Using playing cards, they made a 4-digit number to compare with their partner. A point was then awarded to the person with the largest number.