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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2018


It was another successful Internet Safety Week for the school with lots of learning about the motto “Create, Connect and Share Respect". As well as our E-safety assembly, we had a competition to design an E-safety mascot, and a gallery of our learning to inform parents after school.


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Picture 1
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Safer Internet Day 2017


Hertford St Andrew celebrated another Safer Internet Day by learning lots about this year's theme: 'Be the Change - Unite for a better Internet'. All the children took part in an E-safety competition. Check out the gallery to see this year's winners and be sure to see our Internet Safety section of our website!


Safer Internet Day 2016


The school had a fantastic Safer Internet Day 2016 with competitions, games and parent talks during the week. See the pictures and how we celebrated it below.


Picture 1 Winners of the Design a poster competition
Picture 2 Year 4's E-safety Shields
Picture 3 SID 2016 School Assembly
Picture 4 Years 5 and 6 designed t-shirts
Picture 5 Examples of posters
Picture 6 Examples of posters
Picture 7 Examples of posters
Picture 8 Examples of posters
Picture 9 Examples of posters
Picture 10 Examples of posters