Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

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Kingswood Trip Day 3

Another fun filled day with lots of action and adventure. Following another successful breakfast where lots of scrambled egg, bacon and pancakes with maple syrup were consumed, it was time to get the activities underway. Our first session of the day involved lots of team work when the children had to work together to overcome a number of obstacles. The activity was called (quite appropriately!) Team Challenge and they had to work their way around a course that included climbing walls, balance beams and rope jumps. All the children worked well together and managed to get through without any lasting injuries. 

Next we had to build up our courage ready for High Equilibrium. The children were put into pairs and tasked to scale a particularly high pole to a see-saw piece of equipment and balance this out. However, we are talking HIGH!! All of the group were fantastic and did their best but on this occasion a special mention must go out to the girls (Kira, Zoe, Marie and Olivia) who all reached the very top and even danced on the equipment. Extremely impressed with their bravery! 

With towels and swimming costumes at the ready, we then made our way to the swimming pool. Lots of floats and balls were supplied and the children then played a game of water polo. This activity was a definite highlight for Devon who spent all of the time we had practising how to swim. In such a short time he made such good progress and he should be very proud of his achievement.

Mrs Garbutt's favourite time of the day had arrived and we went for lunch. It has to be said that the chicken curry on offer was very tasty and definitely a favourite of the adults so far. Once all energised again, the children were off running around the grounds Orienteering. A great team event where the children were left to search the whole site for clues. Another excellent learning experience.

Now for the highlight of the day.......3G Swing. All of the children could not stop talking about this activity and the time had finally arrived. Some children decided not to go on it and others decided not to go to the highest point. Those that did reach the highest point before the drop were extremely brave. Lots of very pale faces after they came off the ride but some very good video footage was taken.

Our last activity before dinner was Tech Time where the children were split into two groups and given equipment to create certain models in a set time. The ultimate challenge was to build a bicycle with both teams producing fantastic models. 

Another meal was consumed very quickly but on this occasion it was due to the promise to the children that they could visit the gift shop. Extremely excited and ready to spend, they descended on the shop en masse and bought various bits. 

Our day ended with Mini Olympics in one of the sports halls and the children were given the chance to compete using their athletic skills. All of the children performed brilliantly. However, I must say that Mrs Garbutt and I have never laughed so much whilst watching the hula hoop skipping race. Some of the techniques were definitely originals!!

All the children are tucked up in bed now and hopefully on their way to a good sleep. A quick note to say that many short videos have been taken as well as the photos on the news page. These videos will be posted on the Year 6 class page in the near future. Definitely worth a quick watch!!