Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

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Football Focus

Our team of nine Hertford St Andrew children were very excited yesterday as we pulled up in the car park of Little Munden Primary School for our first friendly league match of the year. The team included Eric, Gloria, Eddie (C), Maison, Ryan, Kobi, Jack, Cody and Levi.

After a brief warm up and even shorter tactical chat from Mr Moore, we were ready to go. Little Munden had some very good players and we were surprised by how eager they were to start with. However, it didn't help that Mr Moore only put six players on the pitch for a seven-a-side match! Levi was quickly added and that more than evened things up for us.

After we settled into the game, we quickly took control and some good movement through the pitch with strong defending gave us our first chance on goal which Ryan smashed home to take it to 0-1. Jack was making sure nothing was given away at our end and we quickly made it 0-2 which lifted us all even more.

By half time we had a three goal lead and we looked very strong. Ryan slotted another goal in, which took it to 0-4 and still we pressed forward. Gloria dribbled past three players but then unfortunately tripped over the ball! Brilliant play though.

Unfortunately for Little Munden, one of their players hand balled in their box so we had a penalty. Up stepped Eric and smashed the ball towards the goal. We all thought he had scored but it hit the post and bounced back. Eric got to the ball first and crossed it back into the box where lots of players were trying to either score or clear the ball. We did manage to get it into their net but it didn't count because of a rule that meant Eric couldn't be the first to touch the ball after missing the penalty.

Our final highlight came from Eddie taking a corner quite late in the game. With some help from the wind and a bit of swerve on the ball, he managed to score direct from the corner. 0-5!

Little Munden applied lots of pressure towards the end of the match and Maison had to make quite a few saves. He did really well and made sure that we kept a clean sheet for our first game.

Mr Moore was very happy with the result but even more impressed with our positive attitude and excellent behaviour. We had a fantastic time and we are very proud of our result!