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Kingswood Trip Day 4

And so, it is with heavy heart, we have completed our last full day at Kingswood. Yet again, it was a day of bravery and success in a number of engaging activities. Without doubt, the biggest achievement must go to Mrs Garbutt for remembering the door code on the final time that we had to use it! Bravo Mrs Garbutt (as suggested in similar terms by Luke May). 

Another hearty breakfast was consumed before we set off to take part in Marble Motion. Yes, quite literally, we were tasked with designing a system using four sheets of A4 paper that would maintain the movement of a marble. In three groups the children had to see who could keep the marble moving the longest with the winners managing 7.12 seconds. A great team building exercise and lots of new skills learnt.

Indoor Climb was next on the agenda and yet again the girls showed how fearless they are with all four reaching the summit. A few boys reached the dizzy heights and none other than Mrs Garbutt was very close behind them. All of the children did very well and were extremely positive.

We then enjoyed participating in a Circus Skills activity with spinning plates, juggling and other particularly tricky new skills to master. Mrs Garbutt and I were given the responsibility of judging the children's final efforts (in pairs) and scoring out of ten. After a very close competition, Devon and Maison came out on top. I can now add spinning plates to my skill set which should hold me in good stead for later in the year!

Field Games followed with a very exciting football match (my team won 4-1!) and a great game of kick/bat rounders. A very competitive session but lots of lessons learned on how to compete in the right manner. Definitely exhausted after this one! No time to rest though as the final big event was next...Abseiling. Most of the children had been looking forward to the challenge and didn't back out when the opportunity came. As you can see in the pictures, it is the highest event of the trip and to see the children coming day without a care was inspiring. So much so that Mrs Garbutt couldn't help but have a go herself. A fantastic activity that had so many life skills attached, even for those that didn't manage it, they played a very important part in supporting the others. The highlight has to be Luke and Jack May coming down together and supporting each other. Brilliant!! A special mention must also go to Maison who went to the top on two occasions but just couldn't face the drop. It's so important to realise that this is in no way a failure but a success in the courage it takes just to try. We were all very proud of you Maison!!

A new activity next with us all taking part in Indoor Initiatives. A very good session in where the children are shown how to 'think outside of the box'. It was very rewarding to see how the children's resilience is improving and the pleasure they got from that eureka moment. Excellent activities that also had them working together to achieve a goal. More valuable life skills and learning experiences. 

Our last evening meal was enjoyed and the children munched down as much as they could before we went off for showers and to get dressed for the Disco. As far as Mrs Garbutt and I were concerned, a very noisy and brash affair but one which the children seemed to enjoy. Lots of load music, plenty of dancing and the odd sing along. However, it was a relief when we were asked to go and collect our last hot chocolate of the trip.

As I type, the children are tucked up in bed for one last sleep before we wake in the morning for our last few activities. It won't be long before we are back to normal and Kingswood is just lots of fun memories. I hope you enjoy the pictures and please don't forget to keep an eye out for the videos which will be placed on the Year 6 class page int he very near future.