Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

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Kingswood Trip Day 2

Wow! What a fun packed day we've had with such a mix of activities. After a filling breakfast this morning (and a very early start), we ignored the rain and set off to our archery session. We definitely have some Robin Hood characters going by the quality of some of the targets hit but without doubt the clear winner was Kira. A wonderful shot that just missed the centre of the target with the most amazing shot going to Maison, who managed to hit a tree about fifty metres beyond everything. A mention must go to Mrs Garbutt who actually managed to hit something!

Still having the focus on using weapons (Yikes!) the children then enjoyed two sessions of Laser Tag, one inside in the darkness and one outside using a purpose built combat zone. Lots of serious stalking of each other and long distance shots. All enjoyed the combat and some just a tad too much!

With the threat of lots of mud after lunch, the children quickly got changed and we had burgers and wraps before moving on to Night Line. The children were all blindfolded and had to lead each other around an obstacle course. An added problem was the spontaneous explosion of my water bottle all over them! No idea how that happened!

We then went straight into the problem solving activity where the children had to work together in certain scenarios. An excellent activity for communication skills and team work. It was a real pleasure to see how some of the children communicated clearly and brought others into the activity.

Now for the big one! The zip wire. We were all building ourselves up to the main event of the day and it didn't disappoint. All of the children had harnesses fitted and clambered up the activity in threes. Mrs Garbutt and I are so proud of them all, even the children that decided it wasn't quite the thing for them. Before you knew it, they were shooting down the wire screaming with joy. After taking photos and filming, with only 15 minutes to go, Mrs Garbutt says in front of all the children, "Let's do it!" So without thinking clearly, we put on our harnesses and acted like a couple of children for 10 minutes. Without doubt, we were by far the less gracious pair but we did it for the children!

Dinner was gulped down and certain people took advantage of the massive amounts of jam doughnuts on offer before we started our last activity....The Mystery Trail. A session very similar to Cluedo with some of the children acting the parts and the remainder trying to solve the mystery. The acting was nothing short of outstanding and we found out that it was Zoe who had murdered the Headteacher with the sports trophy (watch out Mrs Stark!).

Finally, we made it back to our rooms for showers and juice. Some of the children still had a bit of energy left but last time I was all quiet.