Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

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Kingswood Day 4

Good evening to you all.


Welcome to the last report from Kingswood 2017. It's been another action packed day and i think we are all now feeling tired from the physical challenges of the week. Only one more sleep to go and then not long until we will be back in Hertford. 


Our last full day started with the usual breakfast fill up before we went to the usual meeting place (line 16!). However, this morning the heavens opened and we got rather soaked prior to our first activity of Frisbee Golf. Not soon after starting, the sun came out and we all dried off rather quickly adding to the fun of the game. After some excellent use of the wind, trees and bushes, Malacai and Kira were the eventual winners. Jungle Vines was next and the children that climbed the dizzy heights should all be very proud of their achievements. A rather difficult balancing act that took lots of concentration and nerve. Aeroball followed which was a very competitive game and all children took part more than once ensuring that they had different partners each time. Lots of energy was required to compete as the game is a combination of basketball and trampolining (I'll let your children explain!!!). 


Lunch followed and one of the toughest challenges was next - High Equilibrium. In pairs, the children had to climb very high poles to a seesaw that is suspended at a height from the ground. Well done to all of the children who attempted this but special mention must go to Levi and Kira who were completely fearless in their approach to the challenge. A more sedate Nature Walk followed, with the group searching out particular plant types and exploring nature close up. Some interesting facts were given by our group leader Joe. See if your child can tell you about some of the interesting facts when you see them. Fire Lighting took place in a secret area in the middle of some woodland. The group were shown how to begin to make a fire using kindling and sparks (some were more successful than others!!). 


After dinner, it was time for the customary Disco. Lots of other children from a number of large schools left our children feeling slightly overawed but with the right tunes, they slowly got into their rhythm. A last evening hot chocolate was consumed before packing was completed ready for our return tomorrow. Another fun day and as I finish this last report, I'm hoping that they will have all fallen into a deep sleep. We look for to seeing you all tomorrow. Enjoy the photos!