Hertford St Andrew CE Primary School

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Kingswood Day 3

Good evening to you all. 


It has been yet another rip-roaring success of a day today with lots of activities, fun and food all crammed into just 15 hours!! Seven activities, to be precise, with lots of travelling between venues and just the three full meals to consume. 


A hearty breakfast was followed by Team Challenge which consisted of the two groups making their way around varied equipment on the small climbing course. With individual challenges as well, it worked to wake us up and put us in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. Indoor Climb was next and all of the children attempted to climb two selected walls which were very challenging. Some managed to reach the top which they should be exceptionally proud of although it was excellent to see all of the group push their personal boundaries. In Team Tech, Mrs Garbutt and I played the roles of Dragons from The Den and had to choose a winning design made from Meccano like pieces (on a much larger scale). The winning group finished with an idea for a combined skateboard and scooter. 


After another filling lunch, we braved the rather chilly outside to crawl our way through Nightline. The children are blindfolded and tasked to make their way around a series of intricate courses (on their knees - very muddy!!). Lots of slight bumps but very very funny. Special mention must go to Malacai and Ryan for completing all the courses without cheating!! A fun pool session followed, with a bit of water polo and lots of splashing, before we made our way to Aerial Runway (Zip Wire). the most pleasing aspect of this was how everyone immediately harnessed up and dived straight in to the activity. It was the most enthusiastic showing to date with the group displaying an exceptionally high level of enjoyment. 


We decided that after the zip wire activity would be a good time to visit the shop and the children were quick in spending their money on a wide range of items from the gift shop. Dinner followed and we then had our last activity of the day, Mini Olympics. Lots of 'different' races were contested by two teams and more importantly lots of fun and laughter was shared. Again, as I type, the children are finally settling down to sleep ready to do it all again tomorrow. Enjoy today's pictures.