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Year 4

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Year 4

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Class teachers:  Miss Perry & Mrs Todd

Spring Term 2020 Geography Knowledge Organiser

Curriculum Map Spring Term 2020

Curriculum map Autumn 1 Term 2019

Year 4 Statutory Spelling List

This week in school we made bird feeders and hung them high up in the trees for the birds to enjoy. In English, we wrote a set of instructions to explain the steps we took to make our feeders.

This week, as year 4 returned to school, we have been learning all about insects. We made our own insects from modelling clay and created butterfly feeders to hang in our wildlife area.

Investigating solids and liquids

Year 4 Development Day at Wodson Park

Considering our school values: Love Learning. Aim High. Trust God.

We have been learning about the function and structure of teeth

Exploring place value

Outdoor Classroom Day 2019

For outdoor classroom day Klee class were given a range of tasks and activities to do throughout the day. These included making a picture of natural materials that we found, creating chalk patterns on stones and trying to build the tallest, free-standing 'Cairn' that we could out of stones.

World Bee Day


To celebrate World Bee Day this year, Year 4 took part in a range of activities which included an informative workshop lead by experts on looking after bees.

Science Week

During science week we were challenged to make a module for the International Space Station.

We have been learning about play scripts. This is us acting out The Hatter's Tea Party scene from Alice in Wonderland.

This week in our music lesson, we have learnt how to play the 'Batman' theme tune on the ukulele!


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Our current topic in IPC is 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures'. We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We know lots of facts all about mummification and we even used toilet roll to turn ourselves into mummies!

Take One Book Week

During International week, we combined this with 'Take one book week'. Year 4 looked at a book called Pongo, by Jesse Hodgson and we chose Costa Rica as our chosen country. We had so much fun rewriting the story into our own words, recreating the front cover, making our own snakes, creating our own rainforests and trying different fruits that come from Costa Rica!

Chocolate Factories

As part of our IPC topic, 'chocolate' we created our own chocolate factories and wrote about what we have included and why we chose to include these. 

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World Ocean's Day Fashion Show

Visit by Mark Prisk MP


Today Mark Prisk MP visited our school and talked to us about local and world issues. He visited our class in particular to talk about the letters we had written to him about gender equality. During the visit we showed him our inforgraphics, poems and writing about Malala Yousafzai. He then answered our concerns. We learned that the main reason there are more men in government and in charge of the top 100 companies was mainly historical, and the main reason men can earn more than women is because of things like women taking maternity leave and in the past, being the main person to bring up children at home. He said that our generation are the change in attitude that is happening, and in the future, we should be able to get any job we want if we are qualified for it.


We also gave Mark our Safer Schools posters to help persuade the UK sign up for the Safer Schools Declaration. The Send My Friend to School campaign has been very successful and Mark said that the UK has now signed the declaration to support helping children to be able to go to school safely by 2030!

What our children said:


Millie – His answers to the questions were very professional and he was very kind and friendly.

Charlotte – It was very nerve-racking when Mark walked into the room because he was a member of parliament! It was very interesting to hear about what he said and I enjoyed it a lot.

Jessica – Mark said you should be allowed to run a company not matter what your gender is. If you can do the job, then you can do it!

Eva – In history, women were not even allowed to vote in elections so it’s a big step to have a female prime minister.

In Science we have been learning about the digestive system.

In Maths we have been finding out how many lines of symmetry are in regular and irregular 2D shapes.

Ukulele Concert Encore (Fast!)

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Ukulele Concert


Today we performed 8 songs in our Ukulele concert in front of the school. It took many weeks of rehearsal and we thank our music teacher Carlos for his guidance and effort. It was quite a performance!


What the children said:

Olivia - "It was more nerve racking then the Royal Albert Hall!"

Emma - "My favourite songs were Peru and Ten Pesos!"

Jessica - "It was embarrassing performing in front of people we knew!"

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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We have been making parallelograms and rhombuses out of mechano to show their relationships with rectangles and squares.

Maths Investigation


In Maths we have been finding out what the most common length of word is in Roald Dahl Books. We made the graphs below using ICT.


First we planned the investigation and had to think about things like hyphenated words or acronyms. Then we had to decide on how much data to use. Once we had finished planning, we used a tally chart to collect the data. We then drew a bar graph of this discrete data. The most common length of word varied from 3-4 letters per word. There were some longer words than usual for a children's story since Roald Dahl uses inventive names for some of his characters and other made up words. We included these.


It surprised us there wasn't as many 2 and 3 letter words. We enjoyed using Excel to make the graphs. 

In Science week, we sketched observational drawings of minibeasts and labeled their features.

We're going on a bug hunt!

As part of Science week we were on the hunt for Invertebrates! Taking a checklist we hunted around the school field and gardens to find many minibeasts and even a toad!


What surprised us was the number of worms we found as well as the number of spiders. There were dozens in the garden!


Year 6 helped us out this afternoon and Leon even managed to find an interesting beetle!

We have been learning about animal classification in Science Week

Charlotte: "The hardest animal to classify was the duck billed platypus beacause it has webbed feet like an amphibian, fur like a mammal and a bill like a bird."

Jessica: "We learned that a kangaroo has a pouch so is not a mammal but a marsupial."

Emma: "A shark is a fish unlike a whale or dolphin because it has no hair"

On International Women's Day we learned about the scientist Marie Curie.

We have been learning about gender equality and have written to our local MP to tell him our thoughts on the issue.

For Take One Book week we wrote persuasive letters from Duncan's point of view for the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.

We also had some fun with crayons!

For World Book Day we all talked about our favourite books and designed posters about them.

Today we went on a tour of Hertford!

Some of our thoughts about the walk:

Emma – "The restaurant that had an Egyptian theme was fascinating."

Eva – "I really enjoyed the statue of Alfred Wallace because I know he lived at Wallace house which is now a doctor’s surgery."

Hana – "It was nice to learn about Samuel Stone that helped found Hartford, USA."

Jessica – "I enjoyed the trip but it was very tiring!"

In Safer Internet Week we have designed E-safety shields and leaflets about Cyberbullying

We have been making different electrical circuits and testing them to see if they work.

We have been learning about Electrical safety in the home.

We have been learning how to write a persuasive leaflet about Hertford. We then typed them up in Word.

We have been grouping appliances in Science using a Venn Diagram.

We had lots of fun taking part in multi-skills activities at Wodson Park.

We have been learning about the painting 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh.

We have been learning about the Rocinha favela in Rio and have created a pastel drawing of their landscape. We are sending them to Brazilian children as a gift!

We have been finding out about how Christmas is celebrated in Brazil.

We have been sketching portraits of children from a Syrian refugee camp as part of a Global Learning project. We will be sending the finished pictures to them.

Antibullying Rap

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In Antibullying week, we wrote a class rap called 'Everybody's Different, Everybody's Equal'. We hope it captures the feelings of what it like to be bullied. We performed it in our celebration assembly to the whole school. We felt very brave and proud for doing this!

On Water Wednesday we had a science workshop about transporting water.

We made Rifiki beads to wear, ready for our Walk for Water.

Future Earth Project


We have been learning about different problems that could affect the Earth in the future. We thought of some possible solutions and designed them. We then showed them in our school assembly. In the springtime we hope to enter them into a competition for schools. 


The Powerpoint below contains all our designs.

We enjoyed our day on the faith tour where we learned lots about Christianity, Sikhism and Islam.

Stonehenge Write-ups


In English we have been learning how to write reports. We have finished off our Stoneage topic by writing reports about Stonehenge. Below are some of the typed reports.

We had another fun morning at Hertford Museum learning about the Stone Age.

We have been painting cave pictures trying to capture the way Stone age people did.

World Food Day


We learned about the different levels of hunger in countries around the world. Some countries have 1/4 of their population hungry. When we designed our posters we learned lots of facts about food waste and presented them as an infographic.