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Welcome to Year 3!

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning!

Class Teacher: Mrs. Bond

World Book Day - Y3 went away and were replaced by lots of different characters for the day!

World Book Day 2020

Today Year 3 were replaced by a whole host of different characters that came to school in their places! We had a wonderful range of characters including a policeman from Bad Dad, the Bark Lord from the Dog Man books, Alice in Wonderland, a couple of Gregs from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Cat in the Hat, Hermione Granger, a musketeer and many more! Even the adults in school were looking a little different from usual. The theme for this year was Share a Story, and we stopped throughout the day for the children to share books that they had brought in from home to show. In the morning we designed book covers and wrote book reviews, and after lunch there was a chance to go and hear a story read by a different adult around the school. The day ended with a special themed assembly where prizes for the most innovative place to get caught reading, and the best costume as voted for by your classmates were given out. Just a reminder that the World Book Day tokens can either be exchanged for one of the special exclusive World Book Day books at bookshops like WHSMith or major supermarkets, or they can be used as a token for money off a full priced book. We had a really good day celebrating reading and sharing our stories. A big thank you to all the parents who made such an effort to help children with their costumes.

Pizza Express trip

We had a brilliant trip to Pizza Express today with Michael, one of the managers. The visit began with a picture quiz about some of the key ingredients that are used to make pizza. We learnt that the dough uses flour, yeast, sugar, water and salt. We smelled the herbs that go into the special pizza sauce: oregano and basil. We also talked about some of the popular toppings for pizzas. Michael was particularly impressed that one of the children knew the Italian word for mushrooms: funghi! The bases came out and the first thing we had to do was gently press the dough right to the sides of the pizza pan to make a good crust.  Next, a dollop of passata - the tomato sauce - needed to be spread to the edges. Interestingly, 156 tomatoes go into each giant tin of passata that the restaurant uses! After that mini mozzarella pieces were sprinkled evenly over the pizza. Finally they were ready to cook in the hot oven. The oven is so hot that the pizzas only take 2-3 minutes to cook! Luckily Miss Perry helped us by taking the pizzas back to school so we didn't have to carry them. We then walked back to school to work up an appetite for lunch. It was very hard to watch the children eating their delicious pizzas without pinching a slice. Yum!

Outdoor learning day

Today we had a whole day of learning outdoors. We began the day celebrating Valentine's Day by making natural art in heart shapes on the playground. Then we selected sticks to make into our very own people. We then took these outside and made mini dens/houses for them. The children took so much care over these and we were so impressed with the level of detail they were able to tell us about their houses!


After lunch we headed over to Panshanger Park for an afternoon in the woods. After a very muddy walk we arrived and spread out to enjoy games of hide and seek, climbing on fallen logs, going on bear hunts and building dens. It was great to see all the different Year groups mixing together and playing such detailed games. Several members of the public commented on how lovely it was to see the woods full of children enjoying themselves. We will return in the spring to see the woods once they are full of bluebells. 

Stone Age workshop

Today an extra special visitor arrived in the Year 3 classroom to take us back in time to the Stone Age! First we had a whistle stop tour of some main events on a historical timeline to get the children used to the idea of just how long ago the Stone Age actually was. Next, some of the daily life of our Stone Age ancestors was brought to life as we reenacted their early encounters with the wild beasts they shared their environment with. After break we went on a deer hunt to learn about the importance of language development in capturing larger prey. On returning from the hunt we sang a celebratory song to mark our success! We were shown how they created fire and saw tiny sparks fly from two flints rubbed together. Thankfully the sparks were not big enough to start a real fire! We learned so much during our informative morning and the children all enjoyed themselves. 

Take One Picture week

For our first week back to school we explored the painting The Garden by Joan Miro. We talked about the kinds of 2-D shapes we could see in the picture before making our own versions of it. We used crayons and marker for the shapes before filling the background with a bright ink wash. In English we wrote free verse poems about the garden using our senses. We also designed our own ideal gardens including many amazing features, including hot tubs!
Archive 2018-19

A fantastic visit with Souleyman Bah, a Paralympic athlete!

Today we were so lucky to have a visit from a gold medalist in the junior Paralymics Rio 2016, Souleyman Bah. Souleyman, or Sol for short told us his amazing journey in assembly. Born in Guinea in Africa he soon realised he had a problem with his eyesight when he started school and could not see the board properly. His teacher sent him home from school but his family moved to the UK when Sol was 7 so that they could get a proper diagnosis from doctors here. His vision is impaired, meaning he can only see the centre of his vision, and has no peripheral sight. They settled here and Sol began school, showing a fantastic aptitude for sprinting. Despite facing many obstacles in his journey and nearly giving up because the training was so hard, Sol eventually received a call to compete in the Paralympic team at Rio 2016, winning a gold medal. He hopes to compete at the adult Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, and is currently in training to try and get onto the team. After assembly we spent half an hour in training with Sol where he put the children through their paces to give them just a taster of the hard work he has to do each day to maintain his fitness as a top athlete. Thank you to those children who brought in their sponsorship money, everyone completed the activities with great energy and enthusiasm!

Chocolate Cake! By Michael Rosen

All this term we have been watching and enjoying Michael Rosen's performance poem Chocolate Cake whilst we get changed from PE. The children quite often are late going out to lunch because they love it so much and want to see the whole poem right until the end! They absolutely love Michael and his amazing expressions and voices that he puts into the poem. So on the last day of term I made a chocolate cake for them to enjoy whilst watching the poem! It was great to see their expressions as they tried to copy the poem on screen whilst eating.

Our space probes for Science Week

Science Week

This week we have been exploring the theme 'To infinity and beyond!' for Science Week. We designed space probes either for orbiting a planet or for landing on the surface. We then made these from recyclable materials. Thank you so much to all the parents who sent in boxes and bottles! It was a great help. We used a technique called chromatography which uses water to separate colours to explore the structure of earth's atmosphere before making this into space pictures. In English we used astronaut Tim Peake's Book of photos from the International Space Station to inspire some poems about looking back at earth from space. We hope you enjoyed seeing our learning at Friday's exhibition.

World Book Day 2019

Extreme Reading entrants.
Our book costumes!

Our class animal dance

Still image for this video
Today we finished our dance unit. The children have been creating moves for an animal themed dance. I wonder if you can spot which animals we were trying to be?

Our Class Debate: This house believes that all children should have mobile phones. Are you For or Against the motion?

We had a fantastic morning debating our motion. After several weeks of discussion, research, planning and writing our speeches the time had come to stand up and give them to the audience. We had a Speaker to introduce each person on the opposing teams. Children listened patiently to the arguments from both sides and in some cases, responded to these and asked questions about the speeches. The children have really improved their confidence in spoken language. Our next steps for debate are to just use cue cards to speak from so that we don't have to look down at our books, and to use body language to enforce our points. Watch this space for the next hot topic for debate!

Human Rights Day 09/01/19

Today we marked Human Rights Day alongside the rest of the school. We began by discussing the difference between needs and wants. We then looked more closely at the rights in the Declaration of Human Rights before designing our own posters to show our understanding of those rights. The children provided extremely thoughtful observations about their rights and we had some fantastic discussions throughout the day.

Circus Day 08/01/19

Today we had a very exciting visitor to HSA - Phil, a real life circus instructor! In an introduction assembly Phil showed us how to balance peacock feathers, juggle scarves and balance on stilts, amongst other things. He then wowed us with some spectacular feats like balancing on a wire, and even up a ladder whilst juggling! The children could hardly contain their excitement until their allotted chance to try out he activities. Many of them showed a real talent for some of the circus tricks and all of the children were extremely sensible and helped one another balance on the unicycle pedals whilst they got used to them. We hope you enjoy seeing all the photos!



Year 3 have been working really hard all this half term on their gymnastics. Today was our chance to show all the fantastic learning we have done. Mr Whitaker had set up an assault course leading all the way around the hall.  The first challenge to warm up was to move around the equipment without touching it. Everyone found really creative ways of doing this. Next, we had to try and combine different ways of travelling with shape balances and either star jumps, tuck jumps or straddle jumps to come off the equipment. Then we chose a partner and tried to make shapes that included both partners.

Friday 7th December -Travelling Nativity

Today during our class worship we had a chance to see something very special which is touring our school - the Travelling Nativity! We read the Christmas story and each of the children had the chance to add something to the crib from the selection of beautifully carved figures. We wonder where the Nativity will travel to next?


Tuesday 4th December - Skeleton Science!

Today in our current Science topic of Animals Including Humans we were looking at the human skeleton. The bones we had already heard of before starting our learning were the skull, the knee cap, the rib cage the spine and the collarbone (because one member of our class broke hers in a fall!). Our first challenge was to use dog bones to make a model of what we thought our skeleton might look like. The children were really engaged in their task and came up with some quite accurate ideas in some cases! We could see ribs, a pelvis, spines and even some knee caps represented! We then used our research skills to discover what some of the other bones were called.

St Andrew's Day Celebrations

Friday 30th November is a special day at our school because we celebrate St Andrew! In the morning we learnt more about St Andrew's life with a reading comprehension and we also made some fantastic posters including fun facts and collages of fish (to represent St Andrew's job as a fisherman) and thistles (the national flower of Scotland, of which St Andrew is the patron saint). We also did a guided draw of Saint Andrew himself. 

Anti-bullying Week 12-16th November

This week along with schools across the U.K. we have been taking part in Anti-bullying week. The theme for this year is 'Choose Respect' and we started off by talking about what respect means to the children and thinking about how we could show respect to other people and to our friends.  They had lots of good ideas, such as listening when someone is talking to you even if you don't want to, using a kind tone of voice when talking, being polite and of course always saying please and thank you. We designed posters to promote the theme as well as wearing odd socks to school on Friday to show that it doesn't matter if we are all different, we all deserve respect.  

Anti-bullying week posters

Our Gymnastics lesson

Today in PE we were making shapes and balances on the equipment. We learnt about two different types of balance, a point and patch. A patch balance uses the larger parts of the body like back or thigh. A points balance uses the smaller parts like elbows and toes. We made some interesting shapes. 

Our balances

International Week

This week we joined the whole school in celebrating International Week. We chose the country of Australia and linked this with the book Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker which is set in the rainforests of Daintree in the Northern Territories of Australia. A boy and his father spend the day sailing to a remote beach on the edge of the rainforest. Whilst the father fishes for something for them to eat, the boy wanders into the edge of the dense rainforest to explore. He imagines the ghosts of animals and Aboriginal children from long ago that might have lived, walked and played here too, amongst the tangled roots of the trees and the rainforest creepers and plants. Finding his way out he eats the fish that his father has caught and the overlay of a possible future for the unspoilt land as a holiday destination leads to their hope that it will remain just as it has always been. In English we produced haiku poems about the rainforest. In Art we used the collage style that Jeannie Baker uses to make rainforest collages. We noticed that Jeannie Baker uses 'hidden' creatures to show what animals might have lived there in the past, so we used the dot-painting style of Aboriginal art to make our own creatures to hide in the forest. We used atlases to find out about the terrain of Australia and the main landmarks. We looked at pictures of Uluru and talked about the hot, dry centre of Australia compared to the lush, green edges next to the sea like we saw in our book. Laila and Ayda brought in outfits from Kurdistan and Ghana for us to see, and we tasted foods from Australia, Kurdistan, Poland and Ghana in a special feast on Friday ahead of our celebration exhibition in the hall. Special thanks to those parents who sent in objects and foods from other countries for us to see. We have had a fascinating week!

Year 3 Sportshall at Wodson Park

This week we travelled to Wodson Park to take part in the Year 3 Sportshall Festival with other local schools. There were lots of exciting activities including javelin, throwball, hula-hooping, balance beam and obstacle course. The children also timed how many skips they could do in a minute in the Pudsey Skipping Challenge. Our winner was Summer with 35 skips! By the end everyone was worn out but we had a really fun afternoon. The children listened attentively and were a credit to the school with their super behaviour. Well done everyone!

Defibrillator charity day

Today we all dressed in different colours and took part in sponsored activities to raise money for a defibrillator to have in our local area. The children could wear pink or red to represent the heart, or yellow and white to represent the defibrillator logo/box. We learnt that a defibrillator can start a heart that has stopped beating by delivering an electric shock. There was a circuit of activities in the hall designed to get our hearts pumping and the children had great fun as well as raising over £700 for this important cause. 

Maths Investigation Week

During this fun-packed week we tackled lots of different Maths investigations, which tested different mathematical skills such as problem solving and logical thinking. We played Nim, an ancient Chinese game where two players try to outwit one another. Starting with 10 cubes, each player takes 1 or 2 cubes in turn with the aim of leaving their opponent to take the last cube. If you know what you are doing you can always win! The second day saw Willy Wonka challenge the children to design new lollipops for him by combining two different flavours together. How many different combinations would they be able to find? The following day we explored tangrams, which are shape puzzles. We tried to recombine the shapes to represent different animals. On Friday parents were invited in to share in our learning. Thank you to all those parents who came in to see what we had been up to!


Our Take One Picture artwork

Take One Picture Week

We started back at school with a week on our class artist, JMW Turner. We learned about the types of subjects that Turner painted and looked particularly at his ship and sea scenes. 

The picture that we chose to focus on was The Fighting Temeraire. This showed an old warship being tugged into port for the final time by a tugboat. The sunset sky indicated that it was the end of this old ship's life. In English we imagined that we were inside the picture and wrote poems about what we might be able to see, touch, hear, taste and touch. We then used pastels and paints in Art to create a background for our own warships that we designed complete with their own sails!

Archive 2017-18

Global learning - Art Trading Cards

Our self-portraits are on their way to Perth in Australia to take part in a special exhibition with many other schools around the world in our latest Global Learning project. When the exhibition is over, we will receive 21 'cards' from another school somewhere else in the world to see how they chose to represent themselves. We traced photos before using 'wacky' colours inspired by pop artist Andy Warhol to paint our self-portraits. We then designed contrasting black and white patterned backgrounds to help the portraits 'pop' out from the page. Year 3 worked really hard on their portraits and I think you will agree the results are stunning! Well done everyone!

Our Guided Walk around Hertford

We learnt how houses were constructed.
The walls were made of a wooden frame.
Wattle and daub (made from cow manure!) was added.
Underneath the eaves you could listen- 'eavesdrop'
Samuel Stone lived in Hertford.
He left for America to found Hartford, Connecticut
Alfred Russel Wallace attended Richard Hale School
Just like Darwin he was interested in evolution.
We found pieces of 'pudding stone' in the walls.
Pudding stone is only found in Hertfordshire.
We crossed the bridge into the park.
Hertford Castle used to stand on this mound.
It overlooked other buildings in the grounds.
The 'ford' in Hertford means shallow water.
It's a place where you could easily cross a river.
We learnt about the gatehouse.
The walls of the castle defended it from attacks!
At the courthouse we learnt about a criminal.
She stole some pigs and was sent to Australia.
The Salisbury Arms has been an inn since 1570!
People could rest there on their travels.
We had fun and learnt a lot about Hertford.

Our amazing hand puppets are about to start their journey across the world to Palestine!

It has been an amazing time in Year 3 over the last 2 weeks as the children designed, cut out and sewed their very own felt hand puppets to give as a very special gift. During the February half term Mr Azzopardi our Year 4 teacher is due to visit a refugee camp during his trip to Palestine. He asked Year 3 if they would help to make the trip extra special by making a hand puppet as a gift for a child in the camp that he could give them when he visits. As a global learning project we couldn't say no! What a wonderful challenge for us. It has been a real test of our value for this half term, perseverance, especially when those pesky needles kept coming unthreaded for the umpteenth time! Today the children finished their gift by writing a letter to the child telling them a little bit about themselves. We are looking forward to hearing who has received our gifts when Mr Azzopardi returns! I want to say a very heartfelt WELL DONE to the children who have been sewing superstars.

Safer Internet Day 2018 - our posters and ideas!

Safer Internet Day 2018


Create, Connect and Share Respect!


Today we have been celebrating Safer Internet Day along with many schools around the country. Choosing the theme of cyberbullying we started the day by watching the first in a series of 3 short films called Play Like Share, about a group of children facing the more negative aspects of sharing videos online. We discussed the good and the bad things about going online and the children shared ideas about this in groups. After break and the second episode of Play Like Share we began designing our posters, showing examples of good and bad ways to react to comments, pictures and videos shared online. We used templates of smart phones, social media sites and instant messaging apps to show what are the appropriate ways to respect and be positive towards friends online. In the afternoon we began designing our E-Safety mascots to enter into the competition. The mascots had to promote the message about being safe online and be colourful, bright and original. The children have been really engaged and have shared fantastic ideas and responses.

WE Walk for Water on Water Wednesday - a fun-filled day of activities, information and learning. We can't wait to see how much money we have raised!

This afternoon Year 3 went over to Wodson Park to take part in the Sportshall Festival. We had the chance to take part in lots of different activities including an obstacle course, speed bounce, balancing, ladder walking and javelin. The children then did some timed skipping for 30 seconds in the Pudsey skipping challenge. Our fastest skippers were Aimee, with 49 skips and Melissa, with 47 skips. That is more than one skip per second, well done! At the end the teachers had to take the Pudsey skipping challenge. Luckily there were no photos of that one! I had not skipped with a skipping rope since I was at primary school many moons ago. The winning teacher did 87 skips in 30 seconds! A fun afternoon was had by everybody and as usual the Sportshall organisers and volunteers helped everything to run smoothly.

Pictures from our Stone Age workshop at Hertford Museum 19.10.17

Stone Age Workshop at Hertford Museum

To finish our half termly topic of Scavengers and Settlers Year 3 and Year 4 went down to Hertford Museum this morning for a Stone Age workshop with Miss Marychurch. We consolidated our learning about the Stone Age and were able to dress up like archaeologists and handle some fantastic artefacts from the Stone Age such as hand axes and arrowheads. These alone were so useful to the people that they hardly needed any other 'technology'. They used them to light fires, clean animal skins and kill animals for food and clothing. We also looked at a Bronze Age axe and a pot, brooch and knife from the Iron Age. Using pictures of a Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age family we were able to use clues in the pictures to talk about the changes in the lives of the people during this huge period of time which spanned about 80,000 years. There was time at the end to ask questions and some excellent ones came up. Ashley asked what came next in the 'ages' and we learnt that at the end of the Iron Age the Romans invaded. Our homework over half term will be to write a recount of our trip and think about the fantastic facts that we learned about!

This week we made cave paintings using sticks, charcoal, chalk and natural paints!

We used real cave paintings as our inspiration.
We used a mixture of animals and hand prints.
Hendrix drew a fantastic bison!
And Liyana's hand prints were really effective.

Maths Investigation Week

We had a fantastic time exploring different problems during Maths Investigation Week. I wanted to show the children that Maths was more than just about number, so we explored logic problems. We played Nim, a game involving 10 cubes. You could take either 1 or 2 cubes on your turn, and if you know what you are doing you can always win. Using a few clues we ended up discussing the solution together before Sam challenged me in a game and won a small prize! Next day we used our class text for English, War and Peas, as inspiration to design a new flavour of cupcake for the rich king, a very greedy character! Using four, five or six different flavours, how many combinations could the children come up with? This was a great test of working systematically, an important Maths skill. On Thursday the children explored Tangrams, an ancient Chinese puzzle involving 7 2-D shapes that make up a square. Using the different shapes, could they create 12 different triangles using clues, or follow set designs to make up pictures of animals? On the final day we returned to our current Maths topic of place value with an investigation to see how many different 3-digit numbers could be made in the place value grid using only 6 counters. We also welcomed many parents to try out the investigations. Thank you all for coming.











Class Archive 2016-17

Curriculum Maps

Reach for the stars!

Still image for this video
We celebrated our transition day to our new classroom by launching balloons into the sky. We thought about our targets for September and wrote them on the balloon tags. We also used a map and predicted where they would land based on wind and compass direction. Lastly, we understood that helium is lighter than air and that's why the balloons floated. If you find one be sure to let us know!

We hope to aim as high as the balloons next year!
The children had a fantastic time at Shepreth Wildlife park seeing a whole host of animals and a talk where they were able to hold snakes, beatles and stick insects. We were lucky enough to see a tiger, otters, porcupines, rabbits, fruit bats, a red panda and lots more!

Despite the rain, we have been enjoying many sports this week including basketball, football, hockey and tennis. We look forward to the rearranged sports day next week!


Here's what the children had to say! 


I liked the tennis because we got to learn lots of different skills. I also liked playing hockey because we got to roll the ball to each other and it was fun! By Olivia.


I liked hockey and football because I love to tackle! By Eva.


My favourite was football because I had a great team and it was really fun. I liked tennis but it was a bit hard to hit the ball with the tennis racket. Hockey was fun because you had to zig-zag through the cones! By Jessica.


I really liked football and hockey but I can't decide what's my favourite sport! By Emma.


In football I enjoyed playing the matches and scoring loads of goals. In basketball I enjoyed the matches and the warm-up. In tennis I loved hitting the ball to my partner. In hockey I enjoyed the match because it was so much fun. I learnt loads in sports week! By Millie.


My favourite sport was football because I enjoyed playing and match and tackling. i didn't like tennis because it was a little hard. I felt happy because I scored a goal! What I found easy was basketball because you had to get the ball from one end to the other. By Hana.


My favourite sport was football because I enjoyed playing a match. I felt happy because I scored a goal! What I found easy was scoring a goal and what I found hard was trying to tackle! By Charlotte.


In tennis I enjoyed working as a team. In basketball I enjoyed working together. In sports week I enjoyed playing basketball and tennis. I liked when we were playing matches. By Autumn,


In sports week I liked basketball. It was fun. By Denisa.

We enjoyed our trip to Hertford museum to learn about Alfred Wallace

Going for Gold! The year 3s enjoying their time at Hartham Sports Festival

We are very proud of our learning for Take One Picture week!

We have made rainforest recyclable desk tidys

We had a recycling workshop with year 4!

We have been learning about the different bones in our body.

We have been classifying rainforest animals into different groups

We have been acting and practising our writing on whiteboards.

We have made a classification key for rainforest animals.

We have been measuring length outside using metre sticks and trundle wheels.

Rainforest Narrations


In English we have been describing a rainforest setting by studying nature programmes. We made notes on one and  drafted our own version using lots of vivid language. We then wrote and recorded them onto Powerpoint with a background picture. Some of us even mixed in the sounds of the rainforest in the background! Be sure to click play on each video to hear them in all their glory!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have started our rainforest topic this half term.....

Finished Scratch games



Our scratch games can now be played online at the following link!


Some notes:

Start games by clicking the green flag.

Control games using the mouse.

See the code for each game by clicking 'See Inside'

Games will not work on an ipad - Flash player needed.

Happy Easter to everyone from year 3!

Meet the chicks!

We are learning the Easter story through a storyboard

We are outside finding right angles with our angle measurers!

We are authors!


Year 3 have spent this week planning and writing a story based on the Varmints. We planned it using a story map, wrote and edited a draft, published it with pictures in Word and finally read it to year 2. We had some great feedback and year 2 were listening carefully as they could answer questions about the stories.


We are very proud to publish the stories below.

Reading with year 2 - Video 1

Still image for this video

Reading with Year 2 - Video 2

Still image for this video

Seeds growing after 2 weeks.

How much sugar is in your drink?


We have been learning about how much sugar is in different drinks. We read the labels which told us how much sugar was per 100ml, then calculated how much sugar was in each drink in total (all the drinks were more than 100ml). We then used teaspoons to measure how much sugar was actually in each drink with 4 grams being equal to 1 teaspoon. Here are some quotes from the lesson: 


"The lucozade had the most sugar - 19 teaspoons!" - Hana.

"The coke and orange juice had the same amount of sugar!" - Autumn

"When the drinks say they don't include one thing, they can contain something else that isn't good for you." - Eva.

"You might think flavoured water is healthy but it still has 6 teaspoons of sugar!" - Charlotte.

"Some sugars are natural sugars and are already in drinks like orange juice." - Jessica.

"Water is the best drink for you with zero grams of sugar" - Mr Azzopardi


As you can see it is worth knowing what you are drinking!

Science Week - Germinating Seeds


We have investigated what conditions are needed for germination of seeds. We set up a number of experiments to test. The children all predicted that the seeds would need water and sunlight to germinate.


We found out over the first few days that while water was definitely needed for germination, sunlight wasn't a factor. The seeds that were kept in a cupboard germinated, as did the seeds without soil which were left in water. The important factor here was that they had warmth from the nearby heater.


In fact, the seeds that were left out in the sunlight with water did not germinate because it was too cold outside, so everybody learned that warmth and water were needed. 


To finish, we looked at the seeds that were kept in the cupboard and noticed that the leaves were going yellow, so we realised that they did need sunlight once germinated. The leaves turned green again after a day in the sun!


As for the seeds that were kept outside, once we brought them into the warm, they too germinated. 


We will put more photos once the seeds have grown some more!

Science week - Surface Tension Experiment


We performed a 'magic' trick in class using peppercorns and a magic finger. We also demonstrated the phenomenon  using food colouring and milk. Actually, it is science at work! By using the fairy liquid, we were able to break the surface tension of the water and see the water molecules move away from where they were broken.

Surface Tension Video 1

Still image for this video
Touching the water appears to move the peppercorns.

Surface Tension Video 2

Still image for this video
The milk molecules move when the surface tension is broken!

Surface Tension Video 3

Still image for this video
Another just for fun.

Science Week - Chicks and Tadpoles


We have been observing the chicks this week and saw one hatch on Friday! We also had a look at Miss Raw's tadpoles and will be keeping an eye on them while they turn into frogs over the next few weeks.


Chicks Hatching Video

Still image for this video
3 minute time lapse video of 30 actual minutes.

Tadpoles Video

Still image for this video
Happily swimming.

Science Week - Competition to design a waterproof boat for the Jumblies

Eva won our class competition!

Varmints poem


We have written many poems this week using description, senses and figurative language about scenes from the book 'Varmints'. We have typed up our favourite poem on the laptops and have published them here. Everyone  chose their 'I remember when' poem when the Varmint is thinking back to how life was before The Others came.


We have made Timelines about the history of Chocolate

We are still programming our Scratch games.....finished games to come soon!

We visited a planetarium in our own school hall!

We have been learning to tell the time by making clocks.

World Book Day Celebrations 2017!

Take One Book week


This week we have been learning about the book 'Zeraffa Giraffa'. We wrote recounts about the arrival of Zeraffa to Paris, found out about giraffes and made a fact file.


We also thought about what Zeraffa was thinking about on the last page of the book so painted an African sunset picture. We made a polystyrene tile for the border and then cut out silhouettes for the giraffes.


We found how long it takes to walk from Cairo to Paris. We noticed that if you attempt the journey by car, the route changes. There were many countries that had to be crossed and we thought about the many problems you would face.


Lastly we made a program in Scratch which animated a giraffe. It is controlled by the mouse and moves around the screen collecting bananas. When they collide, the banana disappears.


We all really enjoyed the book!

We have made self-portraits using pastels!

Wodson Park - Sports Hall


Turner Class had a great afternoon at Wodson Park participating in a variety of activities and obstacle courses.

Introduction to our topic - On Tap


As an introduction to our new topic, Turner class needed to complete a challenge! The class were split into two teams and each child was given a container (some more useful than others). The winning team was the one who had the most water in their bucket at the end of the challenge.


Take One Book Week  


Turner Class have been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl. Our favourite chapter is when Mrs Twit feeds Mr Twit worms with his spaghetti! Look out for our play scripts based on The Twits which we will be writing in the next few weeks.

Maths Investigation Week

Take One Picture Week


Turner class have had a busy week learning all about our class artist William Turner. We studied the painting The Fighting Temeraire and created our own versions using a variety of media.

Can you spot the original?