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Klee (Year 4)

Welcome to Klee Class!

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 4!

Class Teacher: Mrs Bond

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Year 4 performed a fantastic ukulele concert to the school!


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Our trip to Pizza Express


On June 29th Klee class went down to Pizza Express in Hertford as part of our What's on the Menu topic. We were told all about the origins of the ingredients that are used in the pizzas. We then had a talk about the history of Pizza Express as a company and learnt about their worldwide operations. The children asked lots of amazing questions and found out many interesting facts. Then came the fun part! We got to feel the dough, before spreading the sauce and sprinkling on the mozzarella. The children were praised because their pizzas looked so like the example one produced by the pizza chef himself! Whilst our pizzas were in the oven we were able to ask more questions before walking back to school with our creations for a pizza feast in the classroom. Yum!


Pizza-tastic! 1
Pizza-tastic! 2
Pizza-tastic! 3
Pizza-tastic! 4
Pizza-tastic! 5
Pizza-tastic! 6
Pizza-tastic! 7
Pizza-tastic! 8
Pizza-tastic! 9
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Pizza-tastic! 11
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Pizza-tastic! 17
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Our trip to Panshanger Park


As part of our Different Places, Similar Lives topic, Year 4 recently went on a walk around our local area. Walking around the estate we found signs of an urban landscape, with houses, shops and local transport links. However, once we crossed the B1000 into Panshanger Park, just 5 minutes away from school, it was a different story. A lush, green field of wheat was evidence of land used for farming, and a wood full of bluebells and home-built dens showed us that the local area is also used for leisure pursuits like walking and playing. We have a varied environment right on our doorstep! Once the bluebells have gone we intend to return to the park for an afternoon of exploring.

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Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park

Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park 1
Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park 2
Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park 3
Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park 4
Rapid-Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park 5

Rapid-Fire Cricket at Wodson Park

March 2nd 2017


8 members of Klee class represented Hertford St Andrew at the Rapid-Fire Cricket tournament over at Wodson Park. The team had to quickly learn a new skill, having less than a week to practise the game, and all committed themselves to lunchtime practise sessions. Mrs Garbutt was very proud of all the children's performances, they all worked hard and had lots of fun. The team came in fifth out of seven schools - an excellent effort considering they had never played the sport before. Well done!

Take One Book week - Zeraffa Giraffa

This week the whole school has been taking inspiration from a lovely picture book all about a giraffe who was sent as a gift from the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France. Accompanied by her keeper Atir, she travelled by boat and then on foot through France to reach Paris where the king built her a special enclosure. Many people came to visit her, and this exotic creature inspired all sorts of new fashions and art.


In Year 4 we wrote instructions about how to wash a giraffe (since it might well have become quite dusty and grubby on its long journey!). The children puzzled over how we might reach the top of the giraffe, how to get it to stay still and even how to dry it off afterwards. Perhaps it would like its hooves painted with nail polish?!


We noticed how much of the book is filled with pattern. We designed our own patterns and in Computing used Purple Mash to create our patterns.


In France many fashions and new products had giraffe colours or patterns. We designed our own accessories which would not have looked out of place on the catwalks of Paris at the time! We had everything from designer dresses to clocks to glasses.


Here are a selection of the things on display. Please do step in and see our display when you come to collect your child. It is just inside the door to the main building opposite our classroom.

Take One Book week

Take One Book week 1
Take One Book week 2
Take One Book week 3
Take One Book week 4
Take One Book week 5
Take One Book week 6
Take One Book week 7
Take One Book week 8
Take One Book week 9
Take One Book week 10
Take One Book week 11

Snow Day 13th January 2017


This morning as the snow began to fall the children got very excited. We decided to take advantage of this special occasion and put our coats on to go outside and experience the snow. Back inside, we made a word map and wrote snow poems. Some children wrote haikus or cinquains with particular syllable patterns, and others wrote free verse poems. Here are a selection of them:



The soft snow is glittering as a diamond

Floating down from the sky on a silent night all the snow was falling

a frosty morning, icy and white.



Flying down, swirling

Making snow angels is fun

Lovely, magical.



As the snow flutters down to the ground, it crunches like an Autumn leaf,

Under the blanket of snow, there lies a mysterious glow,

As the grass grows underneath the snow it glimmers, shimmers.

As the frozen pond sparkles in the moonlight, the snow is glowing all around us.



The snow is cold on your hands, flying down upon us

All the things we know are sparkling around us

Hidden underneath a blanket of snow.

The frozen ponds are twinkling so brightly

The snow crunches beneath your feet

As we walk along the icy path of the park.

The rain falls, slowly washing the snow away.



Snow day

Snow drifts gently

Fluttering, magical

Snow is settling on the ground




Flying down, swirling.

Making snow angels is fun!

Lovely, magical.



The snow, cold as ice, falls from the sky

Fluttering from the clouds, it slowly floats to the ground

Children throw snowballs and make snow angels

Snow is falling heavily, and we are having fun

Families are snuggled inside.



Drifting from the sky like a feather

As fast as a rocket

Under a snow blanket there is a discovery to be found

Slowly, the snow disappears into water

Everyone is sad.



Floating softly down from the clouds

As beautiful as a diamond

Above my head it rains down snow

Slowly it drifts down from the sky.





Children In Need 2016


Today we have been dressed in 'Spots and Stripes' to raise money for Children in Need. In Klee class with all our donations we raised £13.70. We had great fun dressing up and it's all for a great cause. We can't wait to find out how much money will be raised in total!

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Anti-Bullying Week 14-18 November 2016

This week is Anti-Bullying Week across the country. The slogan for 2016 is 'Power for Good'. In Klee class we have been talking about being a kind friend and how we might use our 'power for good' to make a positive comment to one person to change their day for the better. We made posters to show the difference between rude, mean, bullying and kind. We then created flowcharts for positive actions we could take after particular playground incidents.

Our Anti-Bullying Week posters

Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 1
Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 2
Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 3
Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 4
Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 5
Our Anti-Bullying Week posters 6

Ukulele lesson performance

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On Fridays Klee class absolutely love their ukulele lesson with Carlos. They have been working on a song called 'Spooky' which combines ukulele playing with singing and performance. Enjoy!

Our Maths Investigation morning

Our Maths Investigation morning 1
Our Maths Investigation morning 2
Our Maths Investigation morning 3
Our Maths Investigation morning 4
Our Maths Investigation morning 5
Our Maths Investigation morning 6
Our Maths Investigation morning 7
Our Maths Investigation morning 8
Our Maths Investigation morning 9
Our Maths Investigation morning 10
Our Maths Investigation morning 11
Our Maths Investigation morning 12
Our Maths Investigation morning 13
Our Maths Investigation morning 14
Our Maths Investigation morning 15
Our Maths Investigation morning 16
Our Maths Investigation morning 17
Our Maths Investigation morning 18
Our Maths Investigation morning 19

We had a fantastic morning showing some of our parents what we've been up to during our Maths Investigation Week in class. Pupils challenged the parents to get their brains into gear and solve some problems. We started the week by playing Nim, an ancient maths game. Two players start with 10 cubes and can take it in turns to take either 1 or 2 cubes away on their turn. The person taking the last cube is the winner. Is there a way to always be the winner? Perhaps if you know what you are doing - can you work out the rule?


On Tuesday Willa Wonka had a surprise challenge for our class! Children found a letter from Willy Wonka under their chairs asking for their help with his new creation, Lick-a-licious Lollipops. With 6 flavours to choose from, by combining 2 flavours at a time, how many different combinations would be possible?


On Wednesday children filled addition grids with numbers generated by throwing dice to see who could get closest to 100 or 1000. What is the best strategy to use?


The children really enjoyed 'playing' their Maths games and hardly noticed that at the same time they were improving their problem solving skills by working systematically and strategically. They also recorded their investigations in their Maths books as they went along. They loved sharing their learning with parents at the end of the week so thank you to all the parents that managed to come along!

Creating our bug hotel

Creating our bug hotel 1
Creating our bug hotel 2
Creating our bug hotel 3
Creating our bug hotel 4
Creating our bug hotel 5
Creating our bug hotel 6
Creating our bug hotel 7
Creating our bug hotel 8
Creating our bug hotel 9
Creating our bug hotel 10
In our first week back, as well as talking about how we would like our class to be, we turned our attention to the outdoor area. As you may have seen we have a wonderful new garden area at the school which just happens to be right outside our classroom! To celebrate the children designed bug hotels and we then went outside into the garden and began to set up our own bug hotel. We used some shelves that were no longer needed in the classroom and have begun to fill it with lots of rocks, tubs full of acorns, pine cones, bricks, logs and all sorts of things to create spaces where bugs and minibeasts will love to hide! Later in the term we will check our bug hotel and see whether we have attracted any residents. If you have any bits and bobs at home that might make good additions please bring them into school. Large pieces of wood, logs, plastic bottles that we can fill with paper rolls or leaves/grass, or bits of open plastic piping would all be suitable. The children worked so enthusiastically to design and build for the whole afternoon. We will be using the outdoor area as much as we can. Watch this space!