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Class Archive 2016-17

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Science Spectacular


Year 6 had the pleasure of welcoming Chris and Mark from the University of Hertfordshire for a very informative session on particles followed by a planetarium experience. Chris started by introducing the class to the difficult concept of particles and how they are the building blocks of all matter. We were told how the Higgs Boson theory was put forward by Peter Higgs and is the elementary particle in Standard Physics. We learnt about the CERN particle collider (also known as the Large Hadron Collider) in Switzerland and the mass of certain matter and anti-matter particles. All of the children constructed their own particles and decorated them relative to the particle’s family name.

Mark then took over and showed the class the planetarium experience which was set up in an inflatable dome in the hall. The class focussed on the people that went into space and what they first spoke about. Believe it or not it was about the smell! Mark then spoke about the effects that comets had when they crash landed on Mars and how without water we can see the impact craters and how on Earth we can’t see these due to the bodies of water. We learnt how we can fit all the planets in our Solar System into Jupiter as it is so massive. The display was in 3D and we were told how the people who went into space would have to spend £20,000 on a Coke!! The children really enjoyed the session and it was a great scientific learning experience.


A massive thank you to Miss Raw for organising such a fun and engaging day from all of us in Year 6. 

Perfect Particles!

Duxford IWM


On Wednesday 18th January, Year 6 were fortunate enough to be able to spend the day visiting Duxford Imperial War Museum. It was a very chilly day but the children were very excited about the visit and were not disappointed. After off-loading our lunches in the special eating area (which is situated in a VERY large aircraft hanger!) we made our way to the Land Warfare exhibition. It was quite a distance away but well worth the effort. The class were able to experience many aspects of WWII, from artillery and tanks to how it felt to step off a landing craft on D-Day. Teigan shared some very interesting information about how most of the soldiers lost their lives on such an important point in history.

We then moved on to an aircraft exhibition where Cody shared his knowledge of particular bomber aircraft and the children tried on some authentic clothing with Gloria looking very comfortable in the bullet proof vest. Eddie found out about the fastest recorded speed for an aircraft and what type of engine was used to achieve this. Lots of searching and excellent questions about all of the different aircraft in the museum were asked by all of the class.  

After having our lunch we were lucky enough to go on the first ever jet propelled aircraft to cross the Atlantic and were told how different it was to travel by air in the 1950s. From there we visited the Battle of Britain exhibition where staff were very informative of the impact his had on children at the time of war. We were able to see a Spitfire and Hurricane which gave the children a feel for how such an important part of the war was fought out. Eddie was particularly taken by the famous Churchill quote:

'Never was so much owed by so many to so few.'

We returned to the large aircraft hanger and looked at a range of aircraft and a separate exhibition that displayed many aspects of the paratroopers that took part in the war effort. Particularly enjoyable for some as this included a high number of guns and other 'explosive' artefacts. After visiting another BOAC aircraft we were rather tired and ready for our trip back to school. All of Year 6 had a fun filled and informative day which will be a great support for our topic of children in WWII.

Mini Saga Crew

Mini Saga Crew 1

Crazy Creatures!!


Year 6 have been using their creative minds and applying this to the latest writing competition that KS2 have entered. With the chance of their work being published, the class had to create a crazy creature and write a mini saga that would have the reader engaged using only 100 words. We spent some time planning and drawing their creations and shared some truly wonderful ideas. All of the class found it rather challenging to keep their word count to the level required and we had many who went way over their target (Eddie managed to get to 124 before he was stopped and had much more to add!).


It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and dedication to the task and I look forward to seeing some of the examples published in 2017. Below is just one example of the quality of work that has been produced by Year 6:


A Creatures Home


On a hot summers day, Severus, a very tall and terrifying creature, made his way across the edges of Earth. He was minding his own business when suddenly Jasper and Paradot, Severus' enemies, came out of nowhere. Severus, immediately reacting, used his extraordinary power of laser vision to fight his enemies. Luckily for the peculiar creature, Severus won the battle and was victorious. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember which way he had come from. He was so confused that he started to put his mind on other things. Where was he? What would he do? Will he find his way back?


by Jack May  

Every-1-In gang!

Every-1-In gang! 1

Every-1-In Festival


Four children from Hertford St Andrew were invited to take part in the Every-1-In festival on 1st December at Wodson Park.


We found the morning fun because we were able to participate in sports that we have never done before, such as: table top cricket, boccia, sitting volleyball, new age kurling and archery. We were given the chance to try all the sports which was good. During the morning we stayed in small groups of eight and before we had a go at each sport we were shown what to do by the young sports apprentices who explained everything clearly and then supported us during our go. Even though each go was exciting, the atmosphere was calm with a limited amount of noise. I enjoyed the sitting volleyball because when the ball went out of bounds you had to bottom shuffle to it. The morning was organised very well and we all had a great time. 


report by Teigan Mogey

Deep in Debate!!

Take One Book Week


Kandinsky focused on a book that we read as a whole class, Skellig by David Almond.


Plot Summary. Michael has just moved into a new neighbourhood. His house is undergoing remodelling and his parents are preoccupied with the new baby, born prematurely. He meets a creature in the broken-down garage. Is it a bird? A human? Something else? His friendship with Skellig (the creature), and with Mina (the girl next door) are the centre of the story.


We enjoyed the story and decided to write a recipe for a meal that would be enjoyed by Skellig and to discuss and debate some of the particular issues that the story contained. After the class decided which key points were better suited to lead to healthy discussion, the class split into girls and boys to add even more spice to the situation. With Jessie as the chairperson the class debated issues such as: Mina being home schooled and whether Michael should have told an adult about Skellig. One of the deeper points chosen by the children was whether Skellig should have saved Micheal's little sister, Joy.

It was a very mature and very enjoyable debate with excellent points made by both groups. Some important skills were developed and we definitely have some future politicians amongst us!   

Basketball Tournament


On 2nd November, six Year 6 members attended the Hertford and Ware District basketball competition at Presdales school in Ware. Our first match wasn't our best because we didn't exactly know what we could and couldn't do. Our first team on included Jessie (me), Eddie, Ryan and Gloria with Olivia and Cody as subs. The score in the first match was 10 points to Bengeo and 4 points to us.

However, there were some highlights of the evening, such as me falling on my behind, Gloria getting a ball on the head, Ryan getting hurt in EVERY place possible, Cody and Eddie skidding into the wall and Eddie sliding from one court onto another. Thankfully Olivia didn't get hurt one bit. 

Our other matches were quite successful and in the end we managed to get 4th place with three losses, one draw and four wins. Even though we didn't get into the top three and didn't receive any medals we were still really proud of ourselves because it was our first ever basketball tournament. Then, the next day we got an email from Sandy Edwards that after looking at the scores again we actually managed to get third place and we received our bronze medals in the Friday assembly.


Reported by Jessie Dean

Basketball Team

Basketball Team 1

Year 6 Poetry Competitors

Year 6 Poetry Competitors 1

Year 6 have been working very hard on their poetry this week to celebrate National Poetry Day and to enter a competition where their work could be published. Each individual has worked exceptionally hard and the whole class have delivered quality pieces of poetry. I look forward to reading them in the book when they are published. Below are a few examples of their efforts.


Ghost Dream

by Sophie Rupeiks


In the dead of the night,

Under a dark velvet blue sky,

I see light but I also see dark.

A thick layer of mist,

It floats around my feet.

It takes control,

It enters me.

I am a ghost, a spirit

Of the past, the present and the future.

Jewels that have faded,

Are not what they seem.

They are spirits contained

Like a genie in a bottle.

Long gone but not dead

As it's the memory that lives,

And a ghostly wail,

It ends my dream

And brings me back to life.

Then I realised, I was flying, I am dead.



by Jack May


Nobody has prepared for this peculiar land

I make my way forward as frightened as can be


Gradually progressing, I feel something on my palm

Help me! I exclaim feeling the breeze against my face


Thinking that was it, I would find something dreadful

My arms were trembling like a blind being blown


And there it was in front of me, a monster made of mud

Running in endless fields forever

Eerie sounds

Make me a man of fear


Mrs Mischief

by Olivia Hill


I opened my eyes to a shiny smooth glaze at the window

Soon it disappears

All that is left is the moon and the ever rising sun

Before I blink

I am sailing towards the mountainous, ghostly white castle

I step forward

Welcomed by a cat dressed in the finest of clothes

Led to a room

Which i presumed was mine and sitting on the bed

Drifting to sleep


Wake once more to a cold breeze in the air

Something seems to stream it's fingers through my hair

Horrid, little wrinkled face and sorceress eyes

I see her standing there......Mrs Mischief


A Knitted Town

by Zoe Puncher

What I see before me,

I can't believe my eyes.

A knitted town to witness,

To take me by surprise.


The trees are made of wool,

It is warm in the heat.

It's a charming little town,

And it's smooth beneath my feet.


It's all been neatly knitted

Into lovely order.

And then I made my best friend,

With the King's daughter.


For our Take One Picture week, Year 6 have been working with the paintings of our class artist, Kandinsky. We researched key facts about the artist to give a better understanding of the forms of artwork that he produced. The class established the fact that Kandinsky was the first artist to use abstract forms of work which he started to produce in 1910. Our aim was to base our own work on a piece called 'Dominant Curve'. 

Each member of Year 6 has produced their own artwork on their own memory, dream or aspiration for the future. For art enthusiasts to understand some of the content of the work, the children have also written brief descriptions about part of their artwork. 


Kandinsky's 'Dominant Curve'

Artists of the Future!

Artists of the Future! 1
Artists of the Future! 2
Artists of the Future! 3
Artists of the Future! 4
Artists of the Future! 5

Fantastic Fencing


Year 6 would like to thank Mr Caruana for coming in and delivering yet another new experience to us, especially as it was an exceptionally hot day and even hotter with all the kit on. With only a couple of days to go until the end of the year, Year 6 were instructed in the basic principles of fencing and all had a wonderful time learning a new skill. An excellent opportunity to try another sport just before their transition into secondary school.

Fencing in Action

Fencing in Action 1
Fencing in Action 2
Fencing in Action 3
Fencing in Action 4
Fencing in Action 5
Fencing in Action 6
Fencing in Action 7

Fantastic Four


On Thursday 26th May, four children from Year 5 were invited to the Bayfordbury Science Observatory for a fun filled day of science activities. From designing a system to protect an egg dropped from the roof of the building to spending time in the Planetarium discussing the Polar star and our solar system. The children were a credit to to the school and a special mention to Eddie who asked a series of excellent questions. Well done to Sophie, Jack, Marie and Eddie. 

Our fun filled science day.

Our fun filled science day. 1
Our fun filled science day. 2
Our fun filled science day. 3
Our fun filled science day. 4
Our fun filled science day. 5
Our fun filled science day. 6
Our fun filled science day. 7
Our fun filled science day. 8
Our fun filled science day. 9
Our fun filled science day. 10
Our fun filled science day. 11
Our fun filled science day. 12

Making Maths Fun


Kandinsky have been working hard in Maths and our focus has been on ratio. After some lessons introducing ratio and to build their knowledge and understanding, we used a fruit cocktail session to put ratio into a real life context. The children worked exceptionally well in mixed ability groups where they had to design 5 fruit cocktails with one part of the ratio equating to 50ml. They then mixed their cocktails and marked each one out of 10. They could then increase the ratio volume of the winning mixture and enjoy the fruits of their labour. A fantastic job by all!!

Fruity Fun

Fruity Fun 1
Fruity Fun 2
Fruity Fun 3
Fruity Fun 4
Fruity Fun 5
Fruity Fun 6
Fruity Fun 7
Fruity Fun 8
Fruity Fun 9

Brazil and the Carnival


Mrs Bond and Kandinsky have been working hard in their Art lessons this half term and have produced some excellent 'Carnival' head dresses. Year 5 took lots of time in designing and making their finished articles which included lots of varied materials and very bright colours. I think you'll agree that the children look absolutely fantastic and are very proud of the finished article. 

Year 5 using their heads!

Year 5 using their heads! 1
Year 5 using their heads! 2
Year 5 using their heads! 3
Year 5 using their heads! 4
Year 5 using their heads! 5
Year 5 using their heads! 6
Year 5 using their heads! 7
Year 5 using their heads! 8
Year 5 using their heads! 9
Year 5 using their heads! 10
Year 5 using their heads! 11